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Quote from Cochin Kerala Quote from Cochin Kerala

I love quotes!

I’ve always loved quotes.  I started collecting them as an angsty teenager. Pithy sayings, insightful aphorisms, and quotes which seemed to touch my very soul.  Some time in a long forgotten past, for an unforgivable reason, that collection was lost.

My interest never dimmed, and I began collecting again a few years ago – just a text file on my computer, updated whenever I came across something I liked. Indebted to quote of the day emails, reading heavy books, and cheesy social media updates, I’ve collected well over 3,000 quotes now.

Initially I posted a quote of the day on Facebook, it proved popular, so I put together this site – think*Mindful.  Because the very best quotes challenge our thinking helping us to be mindful, of thoughts, of feelings, of our past, and our future.

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