Quotes to feed your mind and soul

Published: 12 months ago

Help yourself – Chris Rock

“I’d always end up broken down on the highway. When I stood there trying to flag someone down, nobody stopped. But when I pushed my own car, other drivers would get out and push with me. If you want help, help yourself – people …

Published: 3 years ago

Putting things where they don’t belong – Chris Rock

“I am constantly putting things where they don’t belong, like the cereal in the fridge, or my keys in the laundry, or my faith in other people.” – Chris Rock

Published: 3 years ago

Guys and girls – Chris Rock ‏

“Guys communicate by insulting each other, but don’t really mean it. Girls communicate by complimenting each other, but don’t really mean it.” – Chris Rock ‏

Published: 4 years ago

Comedy – Chris Rock

“Comedy is the blues for people who can’t sing.” – Chris Rock

Published: 5 years ago

Facebook – Chris Rock

“I wish people on Facebook would remind me that life is short & I should follow my dreams” – Chris Rock

Published: 6 years ago

Validation – Chris Rock

“You only live once, so don’t forget to spend 15 hours every day on the internet, desperately searching for the validation of strangers.”   – Chris Rock  

Published: 6 years ago

Relationships and Algebra – Chris Rock

“Relationships are a lot like Algebra class in high school. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y?”   – Chris Rock