Quotes to feed your mind and soul

Published: 10 months ago

Health – James Altucher

“You need to be healthy also. And not just physical health. But emotional healthy. Mental health (your idea muscle must be exercised every day) and Spiritual health (cultivating a sense of surrender to your current situation, feeling gratitude to the abundance both inside and …

Published: 2 years ago

Family – James Altucher

“Family is not family. “Family” is bullshit. It’s an excuse for people to enable each other. Everyone has issues in their family that they cover up with flimsy transparent band-aids.” – James Altucher

Published: 4 years ago

More questions – James Altucher

The more questions you ask: A) The more you learn B) The less opportunities you have for sounding stupid. Facts are stupid. Questions are smart, even if they sound stupid. C) The more vulnerable the other person becomes. Vulnerability for two million years was …

Published: 4 years ago

Money – James Altucher

“Money is a side effect of trying to help others. Trying to solve problems. Trying to move beyond the “good enough”. – James Altucher

Published: 5 years ago

You can’t do that – James Altucher

“This is a cliché, but never listen to anyone who says “You can’t do that”. Those are usually the people who can’t do it. Not you.” – James Altucher

Published: 5 years ago

Practice and progress – James Altucher

“There’s no such thing as instant results. There’s only such thing as practice and progress. All you have to do is check the box on progress. Progress compounds every day into enormous Abundance.” – James Altucher