Truth will liberate you – Simba Dara

“Truth will liberate you.
Before it does,
how about a game of hide and seek, a game of being right, of softly pampering the ego one brushstroke at a time.
Stories so very convincing.
The made up sense of self with resistance as it’s best General by it’s side will risk everything and absolutely everything to avoid feeling vulnerable.
Truth my dear is right there like the most precious red gemstone. Not hiding, not moving. Unwavering at the face of the best excuse anyone has ever found.
Now the ground is already shaking.
There is no turning back.
Once you see you cannot unsee.
And something already changed.
At this point you haven’t given full consent. The vortex will take you in nevertheless, wash you with the purest of waters, unburden you.
Yet you may try to put those old weights back on.
Truth will bring you to your knees and likely at this point you will try to convince yourself you’re still standing.
Screaming as light penetrates the darkest corners of your being, your demons will spill out of you into the bloodstreams of the earth.
When truth is done with you:
skinless, boundless, armourless, stripped,
it won’t matter who you’ve been, what you’ve done, where you’ve been or how much you resisted
how many times you forgot and how many times your remembered.
In this process,
suffering remains optional.”

– Simba Dara

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